About us

International Women for Development (IWD) in The Netherlands is a volunteer non-profit membership-based development-oriented women’s organization.

Our Mission

integrate women and youth into society and help develop it through holding specialized training courses to ensure the trend towards effective participation, work, achievement, capacity building, and adoption of youth initiatives that contribute to the development process in general.

Our vision

that women and youth have an important role in the development of society, and that there are effective and skilled leaders, in addition to having a leading role to contribute and assist in the comprehensive development for an integrated and cohesive society that enjoys its rights and performs its duties.

The International Women’s Development Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, based in the Netherlands.
The IWD Foundation was established to support women and youth to express their opinions and needs, and to help them start their own projects and participate in development, especially female immigrants and newcomers, as women and youth among the newcomers represent a broad base, but their role is still marginal or their participation is still modest and not mentioned in development. .
The IWD Foundation is also concerned with culture and heritage and focuses on everything related to them, because culture and heritage are an integral part of civilization, such as literature, arts, heritage, customs, traditions, customs, principles, ideas, legacies, cultural tastes and other various aspects that distinguish certain societies from other societies, so any attempt To separate culture and heritage and to build and develop societies is a failed attempt. At the same time, culture has an interactive relationship with development and community building. Culture today is an essential part of comprehensive development, as no future planning in the field of development can succeed in the absence of a cultural approach that contributes significantly today. And effective in raising the level of individuals politically, economically, socially, scientifically and educationally.
Culture is also one of the most important reasons that work to establish and develop societies, as it is the main pillar in them
The Foundation operates in light of the following values:
help with integration
Perfection and encourage creativity
Gender equity
respect human rights
Volunteer work and participation
continuous development

Contribute and participate in emergency projects.

Spreading the culture of volunteerism and community leadership.

Discovering, nurturing and supporting emerging talents.

Our goals

Promote respect for the rule of law and institutional procedures.
Promoting democracy, educational behavior and civic practices.
Empowering women and youth and activating their participation in development and labor rights in society.
Encouraging innovators and innovators and helping them to have an active role.
Promote a culture of dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution.
Encouraging partnership mechanisms between organizations to support development projects and continuous development.
Integrating marginalized groups, social and labor sectors into human rights-based development.
Establishing developmental and institutional curricula and models based on empowerment, broad participation and social justice. To ensure that it contributes to enhancing transparency, accountability, combating corruption and the rule of law.

Benefits of joining the IWD Foundation...

We constantly organize fun events and activities for our members and partners.
- we always welcome guests
- We help and support effective and continuous communication .
- create an environment can you share your ideas and experiences and gain new experiences on new projects.
- We participate in other organizations and initiatives in volunteer and community-serving activities.

Thanks to your joiing in our foundation , you will have the right to...
We will notify you of any events, activities or trips first hand.
- Participation in all our private and public activities at discounted prices
Attending regular and monthly meetings.
Share your experiences and experiences with others.
Expand your professional contact group
Building a social and professional network from the same background.

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Our projects

Health care and awareness for women and all members of society.
Training, qualifying and empowering youth economically, politically and in the media.
Reducing negative social phenomena and treating and drying their sources
Discovering, nurturing and supporting emerging talents.
Contribute and participate in emergency projects.
Spreading the culture of volunteerism and community leadership.
Adopting and supporting young initiatives.equat