That is why the media and art play an important and significant role not only in raising awareness about violence against women, but also in raising awareness of the customs and traditions that have marginalised the role of women, and confronting those who incite against women by using media, art and creativity as platforms awareness through various media and artistic activities that contribute to increasing Awareness of issues of violence against women. This platform also participates in an attempt to uncover the aspects of violence that women are subjected to, despite knowing that the culture of concealing violence within a complex family society is very difficult, as well as often wrong religious interpretations, in addition to the fact that It is not easy to confront the so-called traditional discourse that justifies violence against women, accompanied by low awareness of women’s rights and the consequences of the dangers of domestic violence. Therefore, the enormity of the role that the media must play as a platform for presenting social justice and women’s issues and defending their rights “within their secure and stable society” is confirmed.