On the occasion of International Women’s Day March 8, 2021
The International Foundation for Women for Development and its wonderful team distributed red roses to women in the markets, shops, buses, trains and in the streets, and it was a nice gesture from the organization that attracted the approval and joy of women and many of them expressed their surprise and happiness with this gesture, which meant a lot to them, especially while they were on their way to do their work, forgetting their international day, in which they do not give a holiday, knowing that most countries of the world do not give women a holiday on their international day, including the Netherlands.
Our organization is proud of all women, whether they are workers or housewives, and is proud of the great role of women who do not wait for gratitude or thanks from anyone.
International Women’s Day is an annual celebration, celebrated on March 8 of each year, and it is held to signify public respect, appreciation and love for women for their economic, political and social achievements