On the occasion of International Women’s Day March 8, 2021
The International Women’s Foundation held a symposium via Zoom technology entitled:
“Means of reducing violence against women and girls… and the role of youth and the media in activating it.”
A number of female activists and defenders of women’s rights from several countries participated in this symposium, to enrich this vital and sensitive topic, by discussing how to reduce violence against women, and to find approaches to help overcome all current forms of violence, especially violence against women and girls in Public and family places. Violence, as well as resulting crises including online violence.
Speakers are women’s rights activists, heads of human rights organizations, and representatives of civil society initiatives, programs and movements. A number of media professionals and youth also participated in the symposium, who will later have a key role in managing the media campaign to support women.
Among the main objectives of the symposium:
– Shedding light on the forms of violence that women are subjected to, and addressing all kinds of psychological, physical and verbal violence, including all kinds of moral harassment, and the impact of all this on psychological and societal health, especially since its damages. Violence is a threat to society as a whole
– Evaluating the efforts exerted in this field by highlighting all the efforts made by specialized organizations in various European countries, America, Canada and Arab countries.
– How to deal with this type of problem, especially after the increase in global indicators of violence against women.
The main topics we will be discussing:
– The reasons for the increase in violence against women, especially with the exacerbation of the Corona crisis?
Why is the woman considered the weakest link in every crisis related to the man?
To what degree has education and economic empowerment achieved equality for women?
Are harassment and exclusion from work one of the most important issues facing working Arab women today?


What other factors hinder any opportunity to improve women’s economic and social conditions?
– How can the efforts of women’s and human rights organizations be activated in dealing with women’s issues?
– How do we apply the laws on women’s issues?
– How can mutual benefit be increased through coordination and exchange of ideas, visions and experiences between us and the concerned and specialized bodies of individuals and organizations?
– How can the role of youth and the media be activated in serving women’s issues and turning them into issues of public opinion?