Our work..

– Education and Training

Promote access to educational qualifications, for the improvement and development of skills and knowledge, through learning and training in order to earn income, empowerment and inclusion.

– Empowerment

By encouraging youth and women to take on important roles in entrepreneurship at a career level, in order to create and enhance opportunities for success and contribute to economic development.

work and integration
By enhancing the chances of obtaining a source of income by seeking employment opportunities through employment, self-employment or paid work, or by setting up special projects to facilitate integration and easily manage their businesses and contribute economically to the development of society.

– Social development

By working to raise awareness of gender-based violence issues, and contributing to removing injustice from these groups through training and lectures, especially for newcomers, explaining laws and raising awareness of the importance of social justice. Providing legal and psychological support.

Our organization also holds many training courses and professional courses specialized in: –

– Teaching languages.

Arabic for non-native speakers.
Dutch language and English language.
Awareness campaigns and lectures.
– Workshops
Fashion design education.
periodic activities.
Book club.
International Film Club.
International Cooking Club.
Regular and monthly meetings.

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