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    • Literacy courses among new arrivals to the Netherlands

      Many women who have recently come to the Netherlands have great difficulty integrating into life and dealing with language courses, they cannot read or write and therefore have difficulty learning the language, because learning any new language is especially difficult for those who have never learned it . Nor can they do any of the things necessary to integrate into society. Most of the newly arrived women have experienced poor educational opportunities in their countries and have not received any formal education due to war conditions or political turmoil, having to work in their childhood or being prevented from going to school. For this reason, our foundation organises literacy courses to teach the language from scratch to newcomers, available to anyone over 16 years old who can join these courses. Through these sessions, participants learn to read and write, as well as a detailed explanation of school functioning, health care and transportation systems, and where they can seek help if they encounter problems or domestic violence. It's also an opportunity for them to meet others and learn from each other's experiences, and these sessions help with self-confidence, which is very important.
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    • Overcoming Loneliness Project “We are together “

      Loneliness is a difficult feeling if it is not eliminated. It can turn into psychiatric illness. There is no doubt that the Corona crisis and the accompanying social distancing have affected many people, especially young people and the elderly. Through our organization, we carry out many activities that help in periodic meetings, group trips, and the establishment of joint activities that encourage acquaintance and the establishment of new relationships and friendships, united by the love of a hobby or a profession or knowledge of a different culture.
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